Prices for models

Prices for models. Time for model manufacturing.

Models are not a mass-product, it's an exclusive! 

Model design is a creative, and painstaking and expensive process. That’s why each project has individual estimates. 

The cost is based on background information about the desired model.

Major factors affecting the price:

Major factors affecting the price:

  1. The purpose of making the model. So, that we can choose optimal option of model manufacturing, and it fulfills the tasks one is charged with;    
  2. Availability of primary goods: diagrams, photographs, schemes, drawings; 
  3. Information about the scale, dimensions;  
  4. Technical features of the model;
  5. The degree of details’ accuracy and elaboration;
  6. The degree of elaboration of the surrounding landscape or nearby territories;  
  7. The degree of detailing of a construction, a production unit, objects (up to the studs);  Additional equipment,outfit 
  8. Electrification, lighting of a model and kind of illumination;  
  9. Touch-screen computer installation to manage processes on the model;  
  10. Driving and moving devices and components;

        Additional standard options

  1.  protective glass cover;
  2. a table with the feet or the podium;
  3. the packaging for transportation.

And, of course, the Time alloted for its production!

The average time for the manufacture of the model is one month. But it can slightly changes depending on the detailing of the model, its richness and size.

Ordering the model remember that the less time you allot for the manufacture of the model the more it will cost.

Estimated cost of a model- 10-30 euro for sq. dm.

Please note:

the electrification of the model would entail higher cost of labor from 10 to 50%;

Model with removable roof and technology cuts with demonstration of objects' internal structure - increases in value by 1,5 times;

However, the mechanical (current) model or model with functioning equipment: moving cars, trains, elevators, escalators, opening gates and windows, sliding sections, running water, smoke, built-in video camera, sound, computer control through a controller - increases in value by 2-3 times. 

There are a lot of nuances and various options that may appear in the process of drawing up technical specifications for the manufacture.

All the questions concerning price, time, etc. will be discussed on personal consultation in our office.

You will get acquainted with our company in the course of our conversation. We will show you examples of models, samples of materials from which your model will be made. You'll see our equipment, the quality and the principal of manufacturing components of the model and will get acquainted with the remarkable craftsmen.

It will be easier to understand the requests of our customers in the course of direct communication. Together we can create detailed description and target specification. We'll choose the optimal scheme of manufacturing model with various examples from our collection, its artistic and stylistic flow(very important) and find the answers to the fundamental technical issues that make up the cost. Some options, we'll give you easily.

Welcome to our model workshop.

 P.S. Clients often need several similar models to be manufactured for additional sale offices or in case when the original model stays in the main office and its copy is used for different  exhibitions. For orders of 2 or more identical models at a time, we will offer up to 50 percent discount for a second and next models.


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